[BW] 5K23 09:56 Wavertree Jnc – Crewe

[BW] 5K23 09:56 Wavertree Jnc – Crewe

6th August 2019 1 By Ben Wright

DESCRIPTION: TPE Driver Trainings started a while ago, but with the new stock being delayed, further training has been continued. Take this Class 68 on a training run from Wavertree Junction to Crewe. You’ve got a bit of a wait at Acton Bridge (feel free to use async keys) so a bit of spotting time is available!


• Class 390 (Old)
• Class 68
• Portsmouth Direct Line (New)
• WCML Trent Valley
• Class 66 Pack 02
• Class 159 NSE
• Class 150/1
Armstrong Powerhouse
• Class 68 Enhancement Pack
• Class 350 Enhancement Pack
• Class 66 Enhancement Pack
• Class 158 Perkins Enhancement Pack (for TFW reskin)
• Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
• Class 150/2 Pack
• Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack*
• Class 220/221 Pack*

Alan Thomson Simulation
• WCML Midlands and The North West (Missing Link) (Subscriptionware)
• Transport for Wales Class 158 Pack
• Virgin Trains Class 390

Packs denoted with an asterisk (*) are not essential but are recommended to have the intended immersion.

This is my second realtime scenario so it isn’t perfect but please do let me know of any errors or even any compliments! All constructive feedback is much appreciated!