(Brad) 1B88 16.09 London Kings Cross – Newark Northgate (90)

(Brad) 1B88 16.09 London Kings Cross – Newark Northgate (90)

3rd September 2023 1 By Bradleigh Ennis

In 2016, Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC) started to hire a Class 90 from DB Cargo to help cover for the lack of Class 91s which were due for a much needed overhaul, which meant a return of the Class 90 to the East Coast after GNER in the 1990s hired 90024.

During their 3 year tenure on the ECML, the Class 90s where restricted to working the shorter distance services from London Kings Cross due to their 110MPH maximum speed. These services included to Leeds and York with one or two making it as far north as Newcastle.

Another service that saw Class 90 action was the lesser distant service from the capital to Newark Northgate, which is what you will take charge of in this scenario.

Still wearing its old DRS colours, take over the controls of 90034 hired in from DB to VTEC on the evening peak service to Newark Northgate. You will make calls at Stevenage, Peterborough and Grantham before terminating. You should have a nice smooth journey north however be aware that the timings are still set for 125MPH but the better acceleration of a Class 90 should see you keep to time….. JUST!


+ ATS The East Coast Mainline London to Leeds/York merge (Also has its own requirements)
+ AP/Waggonz Class 90 Pack (And https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/class-90-direct-rail-services/)
+ DTG Class 91 (And AP Class 91 Enhancement pack) (And https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/intercity-225-lner-vtec-pack/)
+ AP Class 43 MTU Enhancement pack (And https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/vtec-lner-hst-pack/)
+ AP Class 365 Enhancement pack
+ DTG London to Gillingham (And AP Class 387 Enhancement pack)
+ AP/Waggonz Class 313 Pack
+ DTG Class 700 (And AP Class 700/717 Enhancement pack) **Static Only**
+ DTG Class 180 (And Major Wales Class 180 revamp pack)
+ Thompson Class 170 (And AP Class 170 Enhancement pack)
+ DTG Class 159 (And AP Class 158 Cumins Enhancement pack)
+ AP Signal pack (Required for the signals to behave as expected, without this you may encounter issues with signals)
+ AP Sky and Weather V2 (Without this you will experience a random weather pattern)

To install, simply drag the ‘Contents’ folder within the 1B88 folder into your Railworks folder (Usually found Program Files – Steam – Steamapps – Common)