08:20 5E68 Gascoigne Woods Sidings – Yarmouth C.H.S.

08:20 5E68 Gascoigne Woods Sidings – Yarmouth C.H.S.

4th September 2023 6 By GeorgeBeany

Date : 9th August 2023
Traction : 2x Class 20’s
Route : Peterborough to Ely

On this lovely August morning, you are at the helm of two ex-GBRF Class 20’s that are now owned by HNRC and leased to ROG. These 20’s are assigned to operate 5E68 with 5 ex-Greater Anglia Mk3’s which have been stored at Gascoigne Woods since 2022 and have been purchased by Eastern Rail Services for use on private hire or in films.

Take these 20’s from Peterborough to Ely North Jn though there is reports of a late running Greater Anglia service to Norwich which you will be put behind so plans may change.

Sky and Weather EP V2 (though no weather changes occur)
MK3 A-B Pack*
Class 158 Cummings EP (and their requirements)
Class 170 EP (and their requirements)
Class 377/379/387 EP (and their requirements)
Class 700/707/717 EP (and their requirements, static only)
Class 800-803 EP (and their requirements)

Just Trains:
Class 20 Advanced*

*ATS Cambridge – Peterborough and Kings Cross – Kings Lynn
EMR Class 170 Pack

Train Sim Community:
HYA-B Wagon Pack (static only)

European Asset and Loco Pack (static only)
North Somerset Railway (for trainspotters only)

There is some shunting procedures at the end of the scenario, but only a run around.

*= Requirement is needed for the scenario to work