(BL) 1S35 09:23 Penzance to Edinburgh (1994)

(BL) 1S35 09:23 Penzance to Edinburgh (1994)

19th June 2023 4 By LangtonPhotography

A 55 minute scenario for the ATS Leeds Lines that sees you jump onboard an Intercity swallow liveried HST to let those valenta’s scream as you drive through to York from South Kirkby junction near Moorthorpe on this 09:23 Penzance to Edinburgh service. You join the service running around 15 minutes late and are expected to lose abit more time as you chase some signals and wait for your platform to become available in Leeds. Two scenarios are included, one where the sun is shining and the other when it’s pouring it down with rain as I couldn’t decide which was best.


Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 158 EP (both the Cummins and Perkins packs are recommended for this scenario)
Class 91/Mk4 EP
Class 90/mk3 pack
Class 37 (Vol.2)
Class 43 HST EP (Valenta)
Class 156 multiple unit pack
Class 321 multiple unit pack
Class 150/2 multiple unit pack
Mk1 & Mk2D-F coaching stock packs
FSA/FTA wagon pack
Weather v2
Signal EP


Class 91/Mk4 improvements patch
West Yorkshire PTE class 321

Just trains:

Class 153


Associated requirements for the 3rd party content
European assets pack (for class 47)

Major Wales Design:

Class 153 Revamp pack
Class 155 WYPTE
WYTPE class 144 pack


Copy the Content folder included within the zip, and paste it into your Railworks directory. This can be found via Steam -> Steamapps -> Common -> Railworks. Upon completion, you should be able to find this scenario under the standard tab within the game.


This scenario was made utilising the September 1994 timetable from the Network rail working timetable archives.

Scenario made by Bradley Langton / Langtonphotography