9031 09:52 St Albans (Loughborough Junction) – Sutton

9031 09:52 St Albans (Loughborough Junction) – Sutton

20th October 2022 1 By BritishAce Joe

9O31 09:52 St Albans (Loughborough Junction) – Sutton (Surrey)


Take control of 9O31 on the final section of its journey from Loughborough Junction to Sutton,
using the Thameslink Class 700. Calling at Loughborough Junction, Herne Hill, Tulse Hill, Streatham,
Mitcham Eastfields, Mitcham Junction, Hackbridge, Carshalton & Sutton!


Class 700 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 377/379/387 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Alex Maityards Sutton & Mole Valley Lines V2.3 (Alan Thomson Sim)

Weather Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse) – NOT REQUIRED


> Extract the folder “Content” to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks