[AGD] 2V41 2024 Springburn to Dalmuir – AP Class 318

[AGD] 2V41 2024 Springburn to Dalmuir – AP Class 318

19th March 2024 5 By Agdron

This scenario is adapted off of a real time scenario, but takes place fictionally where the 2V41 2024 service from Springburn to Balloch has been cancelled between Dalmuir and Balloch due to scheduling issues. As a result, the train is set to terminate at Dalmuir instead of Balloch. As the driver of this Class 318, you are responsible for taking on this adapted service. There shouldn’t be too much traffic due to the late evening running.

Duration: 40 Minutes
Route: Suburban Glasgow Northwest: Helensburgh to Springburn

Requirements (on top of the route):
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 156 DMU Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 321 EMU Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 318 EMU Pack

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