[86259] The Cumbrian Mountain Express (2021) Part 4

[86259] The Cumbrian Mountain Express (2021) Part 4

1st May 2022 1 By Bradleigh Ennis

Route: OTS Cumbrian Coast & Furness Railway

The final segment of this 4 part scenario will see you take the Class 86 on its final leg of the outward bound journey from Preston to Carnforth DG&PL, where the railtour becomes steam hauled.

On arrival into Carnforth, you will detach the locomotive from the Mk1 coaching stock and shunt into the back road of the station. From there you will then switch cabs and take Les Ross back to Preston to be stabled for the afternoon. The rail tour will then be hauled by steam up the WCML to Carlisle where the passengers will have a couple of hours to explore, before heading back onboard for the journey down the Settle & Carlisle railway. After the scenic journey, the steam locomotive will continue to take the train through Clitheroe and Blackburn before arrival into Preston. From here the steam locomotive runs back to Carnforth with its POB, and Les Ross will re-attach back onto the stock and take the train back to London Euston via its pick up points.

**PLEASE NOTE** Due to a route error, on the approach to Lancaster station you will have green signals, however you will have a red at Lancaster (Middle road) signal to allow the 10.50 Northern service out to Morecambe, so please to prepared to stop.

Duration: Approx 70 minutes.

Simply copy the ‘Contents’ folder into your ‘Railworks’ folder (Usually found in Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/Common).

OTS Cumbrian Coast & Furness Railway (And its own requirements, only the WCML Section is used for this scenario)
DTG Class 86 & AP Class 86 Enhancement pack
AP Mk1 Coaching pack
DTG WCML South & AP Class 390 Sound pack & Major Wales Class 390 revamp
DTG ECML South & AP Class 800-802 Enhancement pack
Thompson Class 170 & AP Class 170 Enhancement pack & Major Waless Northern Class 170 reskin
AP Class 156 pack
AP Mk2 D-F Coaching pack*
BMG Welsh Marches route*
AP Class 37 Volume 1*
DTG Settle – Carlisle (Used for Steam locomotive Leander)

* Although essential for the full game play, these are only static in Carnforth Steamtown WCRC depot.

Class 802 used for TPE instead of Class 397
Class 170 used for Northern instead of Class 195