5S07 0651 Motherwell T.M.D. to Whifflet

5S07 0651 Motherwell T.M.D. to Whifflet

5th October 2019 1 By Davy50G

AP Class 158 Cummins with a cold and dark set-up procedure. Circa 39mins and set around 2013

Briefing: Welcome Driver. Set up your train (instructions will follow) and slowly (5mph) proceed to the red aspect and wait for a Glasgow service to pass. Once at Whifflet set up your train destination Code: 124. You will then proceed to Glasgow Central via Bargeddie.oard this Glasgow Central Service. Set up your train and pick up passengers here.

Route – WCML North. Motherwell TMD to Whifflet then all stops to Glasgow Central via Bargeddie.

Stuff You Need for This Scenario:
Class 156
Class 159 Network SouthEast
Class 325 – sidings only
Class 390 DTG – sidings only
Class 220 Voyager
Class 380
South Wales Coastal Route
WCML North
Settle to Carlisle
Portsmouth Direct Line (Guildford District)

AP REQUIREMENTS: – https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/
Weather & Track Enhancement Pack
Class 90 & 90 FL Enhancement Pack
Class 150/153/156 Sound Pack (Pro)
Class 315 / 314 Pack
Class 320 / 321 Pack
Class 220 SP
Class 450 SP

First Scotrail Class 156 – by Superalbs – https://superalbs.weebly.com/
Class 390 Virgin Reskin by ‘Horgy’ – http://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/reskins.html
HTA EWS & DBS Pack – https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/rf72wagons.html – sidings only
Class 37/4 DRS 37409 ‘Lord Hinton’ Repaint v1.0 – https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/rf72locomotives.html
Just Trains ZZA Snowplough (it’s free from their website) – https://www.justtrains.net/train-simulation-add-ons
Caledonian Sleeper Mk3A Sleeper Pack – https://alanthomsonsim.com/?download=caledonian-sleeper-mk3-slep-pack