2O27 09:13 Milton Keynes Central – East Croydon

2O27 09:13 Milton Keynes Central – East Croydon

3rd August 2023 6 By Dave Simulation

Drive class 377701 working 2O27 09:13 from Milton Keynes to East Croydon, full run taking around 110 minutes. Calling at most stations on WCML and all stations after Wembley Central. In part 2 you might need to wait for a few minutes at some stations, this could be due to the route inaccuracy, as I just followed the WTT times. I didn’t include any Underground trains and low amount of trains at depots because otherwise the game would just be unstable. Based on WTT May 2017.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t want to have the risk of your game crashing (or already crashed) in part 2. Load any scenario (could be quick drive) on the route, drive a little bit and then load part 2. This could be due to the route merge not fully optimised.

Date: May 2017
Duration: 110 Minutes
Route: WCML South & Steam Workshop North, Goblin, South London to Brighton 2015-16
*Read the manual for more detailed information!*

For Both Parts:

Chatham Mainline London – Gillingham
Portsmouth Direct Line Waterloo – Portsmouth
AP Class 375/377 EP
AP Class 377/387/379 EP
AP Class 66 EP
All Class 66 packs that are required on AP 66
Class 378
ATS Class 378 Destinations

Part 1 – Milton Keynes Central – Willesden Junction:

WCML South
Train Sim Community – Class 387 “The Great Northern Robbery”
AP Class 390 SP
AP Class 350 EP
AP Class 319 Vol. 1
MJW Class 390
Semaphore Simulations Voyager Pack
JT Voyager
JT VGA/VKA Wagon PlusPak
ATS Class 350 Patch

Part 2 – Willesden Junction – East Croydon:

Workshop North London, Goblin, and South London – Brighton 2015-16
Medway Valley Lines
Class 444
AP JHA Wagon
AP Class 158/159 Cummins EP
AP Class 455 Vol. 2 EP
AP Class 456
AP Class 450/44 EP

If there are any bugs or feedback, please leave in the comments! I’d really appreciate it!