2N25 1954 London Euston – Northampton – Class 319s

2N25 1954 London Euston – Northampton – Class 319s

14th May 2020 6 By Adam Forsyth

This is a re-upload of this scenario which had issues with crashing. This has been done by swapping the new Class 390 for the older Class 390 which is has less of an impact on frame rate.


You are the driver of the 1954 service from Euston to Northampton. You are taking your 12 car Class 319 to Watford, Hemel, Berkhamsted, Leighton Buzzard, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Wolverton and Northampton taking roughly 70 minutes.


Alan Thomson Sim;

WCML South Route
London North western Class 319 pack
Class 350 Pass and Cab View Pack
Class 350 Grey Reskin
Caledonian Sleeper Mk2/3 Pack
Class 92 Caledonian Sleeper pack
Virgin Class 390 No Driver Variant

Armstrong Powerhouse;

Class 350 Enhancement Pack
Class 319 EMU pack volume 1
Class 90 Freightliner pack
BR Mk2e coaches pack


Class 378 Pack
Class 390 EMU Pack (older version)
Portsmouth Direct route add-on
Class 92 Pack
Just Trains
Voyager DEMU Pack

DP Simulations;

Virgin Class 390 reskin

Please refer to the requirements listed above and use the PDF as a guide for installation only as it has not been updated as of yet.

If there is any issue with scenario at all please leave a message on here. All constructuve feedback is much appreicated