2M12 1410 Frome to Swindon

2M12 1410 Frome to Swindon

22nd April 2019 2 By georgejkaye

Hello driver! Welcome aboard unit 158960, which is currently standing at Frome. Today you’ll be driving 2M12, the 1410 service from Frome to Swindon, calling at Westbury, Trowbridge, Melksham, Chippenham, and Swindon.

Unfortunately, you’ve been pathed behind a late-running freight train from Whatley Quarry, so you may be chasing yellows until Westbury! It also looks like there’s some disruption on the GWML, so be prepared for delays!

In Part 1, you’ll drive between Frome and Bradford Jn, calling at Frome, Westbury and Trowbridge. In Part 2, you’ll drive between Thingley Jn and Swindon, calling at Chippenham and Swindon.

Class 159
Class 801
Chatham Main & Medway Valley Lines

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack
JHA Wagon Pack
Class 150/2 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack

Just Trains
South Western Expressways (Part 1)
Western Mainlines (Part 2)

Class 800 ‘Great Western Railway

If you don’t have any of the requirements you can still play the scenario, just press F2 when the ‘Missing consist’ error comes up and click ‘cancel’ to bypass it.