2B44 11:00 London Victoria-Epsom Downs (2019)

2B44 11:00 London Victoria-Epsom Downs (2019)

13th December 2022 2 By Cactus732

Scenario Route: The Sutton and Mole Valley Lines
Scenario Length: 1hr
Track Covered: London Victoria-Epsom Downs via Selhurst

The May 2019 Working Timetable included 4 GTR trains per hour between London Victoria and Sutton via Selhurst with 2 trains per hour being extended along the single track branch to Epsom Downs. These services were generally booked as 8-car Class 455 diagrams, but could feature anything from 4 to 10 car formations of Class 455 or 377 units. On a warm summer morning you’ll be in charge of 455804 leading classmate 844 on the 11:00 service to Epsom Downs calling at all stations via Selhurst.

Player service and all AI is taken from the 2019 Working timetable, with some delays inserted to create more adverse signals.


AP Class 158/159 Cummins EP
AP Class 375/377EP
AP Class 377/379/387EP
AP Class 450/444EP
AP Class 455EP Volume 2
AP Class 465EP Volume 2
AP Class 700EP

-As usual all AP products have their own individual requirements that are also needed for full functionality.