207 21:31 Hammersmith to Edgware Road (2012)

207 21:31 Hammersmith to Edgware Road (2012)

19th February 2023 4 By Matthias

On a Saturday night in May 2012 you will drive Circle Line train 207 on the lower circle from Aldgate to Edgware Road. Several stations in Central London are busy with people going out and staff is trying their best to keep the crowds moving.
The scenario is based on the LU Working Timetable (2014). I recommend you to play in 64bit-mode only due to the amount of ai-trains. You may clear the cache before playing to ensure that everything works as intended.

Route: Virtual District Line V3.2
Track covered: Aldgate to Edgware Road
Duration: 40 min
Month/Year: 05/2012
Start Time: 22:05
Difficulty: easy
Player train: C69 Stock
Additional information: You will have to set up your train in the tunnel just before Aldgate. Press [TAB] to enter Aldgate station.

• JT Metropolitan Line
• Virtual District Line V3.2 (and dependencies)
• S7+1 Stock Advanced
• AP Weather & Sky EP*
• European Loco & Asset Pack*