1Z46 The St Pancras Farewell Tour – Class 45 – Leicester to St Pancras

1Z46 The St Pancras Farewell Tour – Class 45 – Leicester to St Pancras

29th October 2023 1 By Clive Heard

SCENARIO 1Z46 MML Railtour 2004 St Pancras Farewell

On the 8th April 2004, a MML Railtour was organised named ‘The St Pancras Farewell’. The operator was Fragonset and Class 45 45112 and Class 47 47355 were the locomotives used. The train started as an ECS from the Fragonset Depot, Derby at 08.10 with 47355 heading the train and 45112 at the rear. The tour started from St Pancras at 10.37 where 45112, now at the head of the train, ran to Kettering, Corby, Melton Mowbray, Syston Junc, entered Leicester from the North and returned to St Pancras. For the whole run, 47335 was coupled at the rear of the train DIT. At St Pancras, 47335 was now used to run the return the ECS leg to Fragonset, Derby. This scenario re creates the Leicester – St Pancras leg. Some compromises have been made: 45112 had a headcode box and no useable reskin is available and, 47395 carried the Fragonset livery. The only available re skin uses the ex Virgin Class 47 which I do not possess.

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The Steam workshop route and its dependencies.

DTG Class 45
Vulcan Productions – BR Blue Class 45/46 (in the legacy section)
AP_Class_47_Sound_Pack_(Pro) Discontinued
Euro Loco and Asset Pack (for Class 47)

Armstrong Powerhouse

AP_Sky_and_Weather_Enhancement_Pack – Original Pack

Freight ai and statics – DTG BedPan Line

Clive Heard
Route and scenario author