1S24 1432 London Kings Cross to Edinburgh

1S24 1432 London Kings Cross to Edinburgh

26th September 2021 5 By Adam Forsyth

Over the Christmas and New Year period, Network Rail are carrying out upgrade works to the East Coast Mainline between Biggleswade and Peterborough. As a result, at weekends in January, the ECML is closed in this area. Services can be diverted via Cambridge and LNER, the main operator, are using all available HST sets for this as Ely to Peterborough is not electrified. However, in order to provide the best service possible, it is required to drag some InterCity 225 sets via this diversion route.
In this scenario, you could drive one of these dragged InterCity 225 sets with ‘Royal Skip’ 67006 providing the traction for the move. Despite London to Cambridge being electrified, it is necessary to haul the train from London Kings Cross all the way to Peterborough taking around 2 hours. Usually only 45 minutes via the mainline

Duration: 120 Minutes

Set: 6th January 2019


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This scenario has been tested serval times and bugs found have been fixed however sometimes I do miss things. if you find anything at all, big or small, please contact me either vis here or I am pretty active on the Facebook group. I have also left my email address in the read me doccument. All feedback is welcome