1M21 07.10 Cardiff Central – Holyhead (2001)

1M21 07.10 Cardiff Central – Holyhead (2001)

11th March 2019 5 By Matt Carroll

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When 158745 and 158746 arrived at Wales & West from Scotrail, they were immediately nicknamed ‘Donald’ and ‘Douglas’ respectively. Today you have taken over ‘Douglas’ at Chester on a damp Saturday morning, working 1M21 07.10 Cardiff Central to Holyhead. This out-and-back working which ran via Llandudno, was typical of the innovative services introduced by W&W. This should be a straightforward run, but sometimes
these can fall down at the last hurdle. Year : 2001.

Requirements :
North Wales Coastal extended route
South Wales Coastal Bristol – Cardiff / Bristol – Swansea
Virgin Trians first generation pack
Armstrong Powerhouse :
Sky and Weather enhancement pack
Class 90 / mk.3 DVT pack
Mark 2d-2f coach pack
Class 150/2 pack
Class 175 enhancement pack
Class 150/1 enhancement pack and associated requirements
Class 158 (Cummins) enhancement pack and associated requirements.
Oovee class 156 pack
DP Simulation North West Regional Railways class 156 reskin pack
Class 158 (Cummins) Alphaline Wales and West reskin by JAMESIVELL, available on ATS
keithmross (Steam) WCML North route
Fastline simulation common assets

I hope you enjoy this scenario.