1A50, 21:45 Penzance-Paddington Sleeper. (UP BEDS)

1A50, 21:45 Penzance-Paddington Sleeper. (UP BEDS)

1st February 2020 0 By Robin Price

List of requirements are as follows.

SouthWestern Expressway
SouthWestern Expressway Reading Extension

Vulcan Productions Class 57

class 57 Gwr, Class 166 Gwr and Plain Blue. Class 800 Gwr

Armstrong Powerhouse
158/159EP, 66 GBRF, 66 freightliner, Mk3 Sounds, JHA, JNA wagons, class 60 sound pack, Wagon flat/sound pack

MJW Class 143

DPS Mendip Rail box Wagons, GBRF box wagons.

UKTS Class 59 Aggregate Industry’s

Class 59DB, 801

Just Trains
Class 60

I think that’s all. If i have forgotten something, Then please accept my apologies.

So if you remember last week. We bought 1C50 down from Reading to Exeter. Now this is the return. 1A50. We drive from Exeter St Davids to Reading with the only booked stop being Taunton, then non stop to Reading. We do have a signal failure at Cowley bridge Junction, and the next signal after will clear but only when you cancel the AWS button. Apart from that you will have a smooth ride until Southcote Junction where you should be met with a freightliner and a empty stock working. Your booked departure time is 01:41, and your arrival time into Reading is 04:09. Please enjoy in what is only my second scenario, and thank you for downloading. Also MAX SPEED IS 75MPH.