11:31 Halewood Jaguar (Cars) – Southampton Eastern Docks (2020)

11:31 Halewood Jaguar (Cars) – Southampton Eastern Docks (2020)

21st April 2020 3 By FunkyDcz

In this scenario, you are to work the 11:31 Halewood Jaguar to Southampton docks. Your traction is 66109 and 20 loaded IPA’s. You will be relieved at Stafford by the next driver, who will continue the journey forward. Due to an earlier signalling fault, the service has been disrupted but is gradually getting back to normal. You may encounter some issues. NOTE: You have a very heavy train, please bare this in mind when braking.

Difficulty – Hard

Duration – 60 Minutes


WCML Midlands and North West AlanThomsonSim
London Waterloo – Portsmouth (for 350) Steam

Class 66 Maritime & PD Ports by Clowes AlanThomsonSim
BodgeIt TMD’s Class 325 Pack AlanThomson Sim
Class 350 Pass View and Texture Patch AlanThomsonSim
Class 390 BH Reskins Pack AlanThomsonSim
Class 390 Avanti Reskin MajorWalesDesign

Class 390 Pack (DTG) Steam
Class 66 Pack 03 Steam
Class 325Pack Steam
Class 156 Pack Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 319 Pack Armstrong Powerhouse
JNA Wagon Pack Armstrong Powerhouse
FTA Wagon Pack Armstrong Powerhouse
IPA’s Just Trains

Class 390 Sound Pack Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 66 Enhancement Pack Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 43 MTU Pack Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 350 Enhancement Pack Armstrong Powerhouse

Weather Enhancement Pack Armstrong Powerhouse