Leeds Lines (Doncaster to Leeds)

Leeds Lines (Doncaster to Leeds)

24th April 2019 Off By m_mortimer

This route sees the debut of the East Coast Mainline Doncaster to Leeds in Train Simulator. This version features the full Doncaster to Leeds and Hare Park Junction to Wakefield Kirkgate with Neville Hill and Crofton Depots also included to allow extra scenario potential.

All parts of the route have been carefully crafted and we believe it to be a reasonably accurate portrayal of this route in the modern day.


This route also features many custom asset from signage and clutter to full station models. Leeds Lines also brings new and exciting features never before seen in Train Simulator. The first new feature is the Alan Thomson Simulation OHLE pack. Lovingly crafted by SpeedyPete, this pack is the most comprehensive and accurate OHLE pack ever seen in Train Sim.

The second new feature is the Alan Thomson Simulation grime loft. During our research we found that the two main stations on this line (Leeds and Doncaster) have not seen any major track work for quite some time. With heavy traffic this leads to significant weathering and a very oily, black appearance to the track. The ATS Grime Loft is a custom loft asset that is placed over track to give it this dark weathered appearance and, to our eyes at least, adds another level of immersion.

Included Reskins

The line represented in this release of Leeds Lines has some unique liveries performing different services on the line. Because of this we have chosen to include 2 reskins with the route. The first is courtesy of Dom (FunkyDCZScenarios), the second, Clowes.


East Midlands Trains Class 08 Shunter

This is a reskin of the well known Class 08 Shunter into its current East Midlands Trains livery as seen at Neville Hill Depot

This reskin requires:

  • DTG Woodhead in BR Blue

Please note that there is an issue with the Class 08 Train Brake. As this loco is from Woodhead in BR Blue, only Vacuum Brakes are simulated. This means that to work with coaching stock you must set the brake mode to “Light Engine” using PgUp & PgDn and use the locomotive brake when dragging air braked stock


Northern Unbranded Class 321/322 EMU

This reskin for the Class 321 EMU brings the train into its current unbranded Northern livery. All 321/9s and 322s serving the Northern operated West Yorkshire Metro are currently in this livery.

This reskin requires:

  • Armstrong Powerhouse Class 321



Leeds Lines, whilst subscription-ware/freeware, has a few payware requirements. We have tried to make this as minimal as possible to remain accessible to as many people as possible. These requirements are:


Available From
Used for

CreativeRail East Coast Main Line Modern
Base route + assets

DTG Liverpool Manchester
Track, signals, scenery assets

DTG South London Network
Scenery assets

SpeedyPete Overhead Line Pack

Overhead line and catenary models

Just Trains Common Library
JT routes from Newcastle- Edinburgh onwards
Assets, Some Signalling

Harrogate Loop Line

(requirements aren’t necessary, just the route itself)
Vulcan Productions
Leeds station model and surrounding assets

ECML Northeast-RLS
DPSimulation website
Trackside assets and Leeds area assets


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