The East Coast Mainline Merge

The East Coast Mainline Merge

19th January 2019 Off By SpeedyPete202

This route is a merge of all the following routes;

The requirements are the above routes and their own requirements. It is strongly advised to run this on the 64 bit (x64) version of Train Simulator (available from Train Simulator 2019 onwards)

Please note: Those missing RSC\ECMLS\Scenery\Misc\support_post.GeoPcDx, navigate to RSC\ECMLS\RailNetwork\Signals\Pro Signals\Pro Signal Heads and copy the GeoPcDx to the above location.

Download AP Signal Enhancement Pack Patch Here


  • 393 miles of driving between London Kings Cross and Edinburgh Waverley
  • Renewed ground textures in places to overcome a TS bug when merging routes
  • Replaced track to use the RSC ECML South track. This track works on it’s own or with the AP Track Enhancement Pack or Trainworks track upgrades.
  • Upgraded 5 aspect signals north of Peterborough
  • Quick Drive scenarios added
  • Signal / track tweaks to improve the route
  • Reliability improved
  • Some minor scenery improvements along the route
  • Some performance tweaks along the route


  • There are Quick Drive scenarios included and other scenarios can be downloaded. Please check their compatibility with the updated route. Older scenarios will require the older route to function.


Ash Lightfoot (Lightfoot Productions)
Chris Horsfield (ex CH Scenarios)
Danny Leach of Danny’s Route Pictures
Clowes (ex Train Sim Designs)
James Ivell
Alan Thomson Simulation development team & associated development house

Special thanks to;

Alex Ford – Just Trains
Darren Porter DPSimulation
‘Daniel’ of DTG technical support
‘Gptech’ from UKTS Forums
Mark Walker – Vulcan Productions
Max Mortimer

Picture – Chris Horsfield
Picture editing – Hasan Mulla

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