(Brad) 1R52 06.35 Nottingham – Liverpool Lime Street (170)

(Brad) 1R52 06.35 Nottingham – Liverpool Lime Street (170)

14th June 2023 5 By Bradleigh Ennis

In this scenario, you will drive EMR’s Class 170 No. 170503 on the 06.35 Nottingham to Liverpool Lime Street service.

You will start at Nottingham Eastcroft depot were the yard shunter has prepared the train for service and shunted to the exit signal. Once given the signal, pull into Nottingham station to then perform the 06.35 departure to Liverpool.

As your service arrives into Manchester during the morning peak, this train additionally calls at Dore & Totley, Chinley and Hazel Grove to help relieve some of the commuter services.

This scenario is split into 2 part to help performance and avoid the dreaded OOM dumps.
Part 1 Nottingham – Sheffield
Part 2 Sheffield – Manchester Piccadilly

+ Thompson Class 170 (& AP Class 170 Enhancement pack)
+ Class 170-222 EMR Reskin (Semaphore Signals)
+ Class 170 Northern branding (Major Wales) *Used in place of Class 195s*
+ Just Trains Midland Mainline (Derby – Sheffield, Erewash Valley, Hope Valley)
+ Just Trains Class 222
+ Just Trains Voyager (& Voyager consist update from ATS website)
+ DTG Class 159 pack (& AP Class 158 Enhancement pack Cumins and Perkins)
+ Major Wales EMR Class 158 reskin
+ DTG Class 150/1 (& AP Class 150/1 Enhancement pack)
+ AP Class 156
+ EMR Class 156 (Major Wales)
+ AP Class 150/2 *Static Only*
+ AP Class 319 Volume 1
+ DTG Cross City (& Northern Class 323 from ATS)**
+ DTG South Wales Mainline (&AP Class 175 Enhancement pack)**
+ DTG Class 66 (& AP Class 66 Enhancement pack)**
+ DTG WCML South (& AP Class 390 soundpack)
+ Major Wales Class 390 revamp
+ ATS Class 185
+ Major Wales Class 43 revamp pack (Requires AP packs)

Whilst all the above are essentional for the full game play, those marked with ** are not fully essentional to run the scenario.

To install simply extract the file to your desktop, then drag the ‘Content’ folder into your ‘Railworks’ folder.

Duration: Just over 2 hours

Hope you enjoy and let me know of any issues!