*SUB ONLY* [CB] LNER Bonus Pack

*SUB ONLY* [CB] LNER Bonus Pack

29th February 2020 Off By CrankyBot

**Changelog - 22/10/21: Replaced FullerSim's 185s with ATS' 185s. Also changed the .txt file into a more clear .pdf file to obtain the hyperlinks. Redownload and override when prompted.**

After the initial release of the LNER Scenario Pack (1), scenarios consisting of services to and from Leeds was left out due to the potential release of Leeds Line being merged with the ECML but that's yet to happen but nevertheless I dusted off the route and started working again!

So here brings Scenarios 3 (a & b) and 4 (a & b) depicting a late night rush hour service from London Kings Cross to Leeds with 91121 "Trainbow" taking the reigns and an early morning limited service otherwise known as "West Riding Limited" with 91117 at the rear providing the ETS as you power down the wet morning directly to London after Wakefield Westgate. With over 3 hours of prototypical services in the early-to-mid 2019 era, adverse signalling, correct headlight/livery varients for a specific loco/MU and non-repetitive unit numbers [perhaps excluding the DVTs].

Route Requirements:
~ Pete's ECML Merge [AlanThomsonSim]
~ Max's Leeds Lines Phase 2 [AlanThomsonSim]

Scenario(s) Requirements:
~ FS' BDA 80t Bogie Bolster Wagon Pack [STEAM MARKETPLACE]

~ Nobkins' UKTS Freeware Wagon Pack [TrainSimDev]

~ AP's Wherry Lines [STEAM Version]

~ DTG's South Wales Coastal [STEAM] + Rfletcher72's MXA Wagons Reskin [DPSimulation]

~ AP's Class 43 MTU & VP185 Enhancement Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
+ BHReskins/Clowes InterCity 125 LNER Reskin Pack [AlanThomsonSim]

~ RSC's Class 66 EWS & FL V2.0 [STEAM] + AP's Class 66 Enhancement Pack [AP]
+ Clowes' Class 66 GBRf 2018+ Reskin Pack [AlanThomsonSim]
+ RF72's Class 66 Fl v2.0 Container Texture Replace 1 & 2 Reskins [DPSimulation]
+ JamesIvell's Class 66 LED Headlights [AlanThomsonSim]
+ Caledonian's Class 66 Belmond Royal Scotmans Reskin Pack [Caledonian Railworks]
+ RF72's Class 66709 'Sorento' Reskin [DPSimulation]

~ AP/W's Class 90 Freightliner [Armstrong Powerhouse]

~ DTG's & RSC's Class 91 [STEAM]
+ AP's Class 91/MK4 DVT Enhancement Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
+ BHReskin's InterCity 225 LNER Reskin Pack [AlanThomsonSim]
+ JamesIvell's Class 91119 ICS Reskin [AlanThomsonSim]

~ AP/W's Class 142 [Armstrong Powerhouse]
+ Chris Horsefield's Class 142 Northern Dot Matrix Update [AlanThomsonSim]
+ MJW's Class 142 Ex-Northern Reskin [Major Wales Design]

~ RSC's Riviera Line [STEAM]
+ Superalbs' Class 144 Northern Reskin [Superalbs]

~ DTG's Class 150/1 [STEAM]
+ AP's Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]

~ AP's Class 150/2 [Armstrong Powerhouse]
+ Chris Horsefield's 150 Northern TrainFX Destination Update [AlanThomsonSim]

~ JT's Class 153 [JustTrains]
+ MJW's Class 153 Revamp Pack [Major Wales Design]

~ RSC's Class 159 [STEAM]
+ AP's Class 158 Cummins & Perkins Enhancement Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
+ Clowes' Class 158 Arriva Northern Varients [AlanThomsonSim]
+ Chris Horsefield's Class 158 TrainFX Destination Update [AlanThomsonSim]

~ AP's Class 170 Enhancement Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]

~ DTG's Class 180 [STEAM]

~ AlanThomsonSim/Imbue’s Class 185

~ JT's Class 220/221 Voyager Pack (2019) [JustTrains]

~ AP/W's Class 313 [Armstrong Powerhouse]
+ Gbhf's Class 313 Great Northern Weathered Reskin [Guterbahnhof]

~ AP's Class 321 [Armstrong Powerhouse]
+ MM's Class 321/322 Northern UB Reskin [AlanThomsonSim]

~ AP's Class 365 Enhancement Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
+ JamesClass37's Class 365 Great Northern Sun Deflection Reskin [AlanThomsonSim]

~ RSC's South London Network [STEAM]
+ Superalbs' Class 387 Great Northern Reskin [Superalbs]

~ RSC's Brighton Mainline [STEAM]
+ Superalbs' Class 700/707/717 [AlanThomsonSim]

Special Thanks to:
~ Max Mortimer - Permitting the use of Leeds Line Phase 2 for this Subware pack

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