Severn 31 vans (1989) – 5E37 16:50 Cambridge – King’s Cross

Severn 31 vans (1989) – 5E37 16:50 Cambridge – King’s Cross

7th November 2023 4 By Harrebarrevarre

A lot of things were happening around Cambridge station in the autumn of 1989.

Electrification up to Ely and King’s Lynn was being prepared and the service pattern was shifting from loco hauled trains from Liverpool Street to class 317s increasingly being used out of Kings Cross. Class 321 were also being introduced on Liverpool Street – Cambridge services.

October weekends of this year also saw diversions from the ECML via Cambridge with drags of the newly introduced Class 91 with HST DVTs from Hitchin to Peterborough.

An afternoon train with empty mail vans (NPCCS) also ran daily from Cambridge down to the capital for use on the night’s mail services. You will oversee 31413 hauling the NPCCS service down to King’s Cross. Expect a lot of traffic and low priority.

90 minute scenario for the ATS Kings Cross – Kings Lynn route. Weather: High Cloud. Feedback is much appreciated. Hope you enjoy! 😊

(* means it has its own requirements)
• Weather EP V2
• Signal EP
• Class 313
• Class 317 vol. 1+2
• Class 321 (one static)
• Class 31 EP*
• Class 43 Valenta EP*
• Class 56 EP*
• Class 86 EP*
• Class 91 EP*
• Mk1 Coach pack
• Mk2a-c Coach pack
• Mk2d-f Coach pack
• MGR Wagon pack
• WCML over Shap
• Huddersfield Line
Just Trains
• VGA wagon pack
Alan Thomson Sim
• BodgeItTMDs Class 43 ECML ‘DVTs’Vulcan Productions
Vulcan Productions
• 31413 ‘Severn Valley Railway’