SP: 1W18 12:03 Weymouth – London Waterloo

SP: 1W18 12:03 Weymouth – London Waterloo

5th April 2021 2 By Sami Pitfield

South Western Railway are slowly bringing back there pre-COVID timetable meaning that full length Weymouth to Waterloo services are in place on fridays and also the weekends, operate one of these services starting just outside Bournemouth going as far as St Denys. Set in the spring of 2021.

This scenario is around 45 minutes long and is an easy difficulty.


To install this scenario all you need to do is extract the ‘content’ folder from the .zip file provided and then drag the ‘content’ file to your RailWorks directory.



SWML: Bournemouth – Southampton Route
Class 444/450 EMU
Class 159 Network Southeast DMU
Class 66 Freightliner V.2 Loco
Class 08 Loco
Class 70 Loco


Class 444/450 EMU EP
Class 220/221/222 SP
Class 66 EP
Class 158/159 Cummins EP
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
Weather EP (Not required)


Voyager DMU Pack 2019


Semaphore Simulations Class 444/450 SWR Reskin Pack


This scenario was created before I installed the GSMR update for the 444/450 AP Pack, meaning that instructions wont be featured in this scenario, I’ll update this at a later date.

As always any feedback positive or negative is appreciated, as I check the comments regularly.

Thanks for downloading, Enjoy!