(WJ) 5Z52 04:26 Carnforth Steamtown-Tom Na Faire depot

(WJ) 5Z52 04:26 Carnforth Steamtown-Tom Na Faire depot

9th January 2023 0 By WelshyJim

This is a follow on from part 1 of the run which I released in July. There are 4 extra parts in this download, which will take you all the way to Fort William

In these scenario’s you will be driving the Jacobite stock movement from Craigendoran Junction to Fort William in 4 parts. You will be driving a West Coast Railway class 37 followed by two black 5’s and some coaches.

Requirements for these scenario’s are:

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 37 Packs
Mark 1 Coaches
Mark 2 Coaches
66 EP
Class 156
Class 321
FSA Wagon Pack
Weather EP

Alan Thomson Sim:
Class 73/9 Caledonian Sleeper V1.3 by WatsonPD (and its dependences)
Serco Caledonian Sleeper Mk3 Sleeper Car (Mk5 Version) by ALISTAIR COWELL (and its dependeces)
Serco Caledonian Sleeper Mk3a Lounge & Seated Cars (Mk5 Version) v1.0 by ALISTAIR COWELL (and its dependeces)

Class 73 Pack

Bossman Games:
Black 5

Steam workshop:
West Highland Line full

That’s it for the requirements. If i have missed anything be sure to let me know and I’ll update the list.

Thank you for downloading these scenarios and I hope you enjoy them.