[JD] 1L98 1832 Basingstoke to Ipswich

[JD] 1L98 1832 Basingstoke to Ipswich

27th July 2023 2 By theepicfrog15

Between 22nd May 2000 and 28th September 2002 Anglia Railways operated ‘London Crosslink’ services between Basingstoke and stations on the Great Eastern Mainline using the North London Line as a means to get between the Hounslow Loop and Stratford. These services were operated using Class 170 Turbostars due to a short section of unelectrified track these services ran on. In this scenario you will drive one of these services over the North London Line section of the journey. You will be starting having just left the Hounslow Loop and are about to join the North London Line at South Acton and are currently on the unelectrified section. You will then take the service through Stratford calling at West Hampstead, Camden Road and Highbury & Islington along the way. You are getting to stop at Camden Road because this based on the Saturday timetable. The evening has some light cloud as the sun will start to set. You can expect to not be held up to much over your journey so you can expect to turn up early at most stop.

Requirements (Required for scenario to work*):

Armstrong Powerhouse:
• AP Class 86 EP*
• AP Class 150/1 EP
• AP Class 168/170/171 EP*
• AP Class 313 EMU Pack*
• AP Class 314/315 EMU Pack
• AP Class 321 EMU Pack
• AP Mk2D-F Coach Pack*
• AP Mk2F DBSO Coach Pack*
• AP Mk3A-B Coach Pack*
• AP Sky & Weather EP 2.0 (Recommended to see expected weather)
• DTG Class 86 Loco*
• DTG BR Class 150/1 DMU
• DTG BR Class 170 ‘Turbostar’ DMU*
• DTG North London & Goblin Lines*
Vulcan Productions:
• Class 168 and 170 Airdam with XC and 168111 NHS variants (Recommended to make the 170 look more accurate but scenario will run fine without) (https://www.vulcanproductions.co.uk/dmu.html)

One thing to note. I know that the route is too modern for the era this scenario is set in with things like the London Overground Branding and station improvements that happened after the takeover from Silverlink as well as track layout changes between Camden Road and Dalston Kingsland. I did consider the Backdated Trainsim North London Line but I felt that was set too far back as it lacked any OHLE on the North London line which I know was there at the time the scenario was set.

I hope you enjoy this scenario and if you have any feedback or comments please do let me know.