Colas RailFreight 37057

Colas RailFreight 37057

30th January 2021 0 By Flyin9 Scotsman

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This is a reskin I’ve made for 37057 in it’s latest form. Having been repainted out of a very tired BR Green into the colours of Colas Rail, it appears to have become stuck at Nottingham forever – however here in the virtual world it can now go wherever you want it to 😉
The only thing I should mention that differs is the numbers on the front, of which are unique on the real life counterpart being on the headcode box, whereas on this reskin I decided to put it in the same position as with 37099. (I may change this in the future though!)

The only requirement for this should be Armstrong Powerhouse’s ‘Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol. 2’.

Hope you enjoy this reskin – and please let me know of any issues.