Class 800 IET LNER “Azuma”

Class 800 IET LNER “Azuma”

16th January 2019 109 By Factory99

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The British Rail Class 800 is a type of bi-mode multiple unit used in the United Kingdom, powered by electric traction motors being capable of operating on electrified track using overhead wires and unelectrified track using diesel generators. The trains are based on the Hitachi A-train design. They have been built by Hitachi since 2014. The first units entered service on the Great Western Main Line (GWML) in October 2017, and will now enter service on the East Coast Main Line (ECML) from 2019 following delays in type testing and concerns over the safety of interconnecting electrical cables between the coaches.

Now in the LNER Azuma branded livery, this reskin is now available for Train Simulator!

ECML London-Peterborough