Class 158 Ex-EMT (East Midlands Railway)

Class 158 Ex-EMT (East Midlands Railway)

11th August 2019 3 By Clowes

With the end of the East Midlands franchise looming, Abellio have paid for the existing fleet to have its branding changed prior to takeover. This pack depicts the EMR REGIONAL branded 158s, still in the Stagecoach EMT livery.

These are said to be relieved of their duties during the EMR franchise, so this may be their last guise in the East Midlands.

What’s included?
New EMR Regional Branding
PreLoads for both Cummins and Perkins units

Class 159 (NSE)
AP Class 158 Perkins EP
AP Class 158 Cummins EP

Now added the 2 and 7 to denote DMSLA and DMSLB (thanks to Major Wales, who originally made them for the TfW 158 skin).

(26-11-2019 22:10) Now has TrainFX style Destinations. These scroll IRL, but do not in game. They follow the same numbering and lettering as the default AP EP destinations, with 4 changes.
105/f Belper (was Burton-on-Trent)
119/t Ambergate (was Leeds)
139/N Thetford (was Scarborough)
148/W Welcome aboard (was York)
Despite several attempts, I was unable to reflect these changes in the cab.