(LG 2019) 4H00 07:05 Crewe Basford Hall S.S.N. – Trafford Park F.L.T.

(LG 2019) 4H00 07:05 Crewe Basford Hall S.S.N. – Trafford Park F.L.T.

10th August 2019 1 By Lukas5185

Train ID – 4H00 07:05 Crewe Basford Hall S.S.N. – Trafford Park F.L.T
Loco & Livery – Class 66 – Freightliner 66507.
Load: Loaded Container Rake
Scenario type: Standard
Duration: 20 Minutes
Weather: Misty
Difficulty: Easy
Route: Liverpool – Manchester

Scenario Requirements:

Liverpool – Manchester (Steam)
Class 66 Packs 02 & 03 (Steam)
Class 08 TOC Pack (Steam)
Class 159 Pack (Steam)
Class 156 Pack (Steam)
Class 150/1 Pack (Steam)
Bristol – Cardiff & Swansea (Steam)
Brighton Mainline (Steam)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Wherry Lines
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 185 Pack (ATS)
DB Maritime Class 66 Reskins (Vulcan Productions)
Freightliner Class 66 Reskin Pack (ATS)
Class 150 Northern Ex FGW Reskin (Vulcan Productions)
Class 156 Arriva Rail Northern (Superalbs)
Class 156 Northern Rail (Superalbs)
East Midlands Trains Class 156 Reskin (UKTS File ID: 26352)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 90 (Freightliner) Pack
West Coast Mainline Trent Valley (Steam)
South Wales Coastal Container Texture Patch (DP Simulation)
Class 66 FL V2 Container Texture Patch 1 & 2 (DP Simulation)
FKA (Megafret) Repaint Pack (DP Simulation)

How to install:

– Click, drag and drop the ‘Content’ folder into ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks’

– Clear Cache.

Things you will see:

This scenario is based on the real life timetable and all services are accurate and to schedule.

As the scenario is based on the real life timetable I have included a list of AI services and accurate loco/unit numbers. These are also visible on the map view when pressing ‘9’ while driving, as well as if you press ‘F6’, the train ID and number will be shown. All unit and loco numbers and formations are based from pictures I found on Flickr as research and are accurate to trains which actually ran in the area or on exact services either on the actual day or within the month that the scenario is based

1H43 08:16 Liverpool Lime Street – Manchester Airport – 156490 & 156455
1L07 08:52 Liverpool Lime Street – Norwich – 158785 & 156403
1P64 06:50 Middlesbrough -Manchester Airport -185137
1P67 08:47 Manchester Airport – Middlesbrough – 185111
1Y55 08:24 Preston – Manchester Airport 158872 & 156484

2O74 09:16 Manchester Oxford Road – Liverpool Lime Street – 150143 & 150131
2O93 08:19 Liverpool Lime Street – Manchester Oxford Road – 150108 & 156425

4H00 07:05 Crewe Basford Hall S.S.N. – Trafford Park F.L.T. – 66507 (You)
4L18 14:12 Trafford Park Euro Terminal Gbrf – Felixstowe North GBRf – 66710
4L90 10:10 Trafford Park F.L.T – Felixstowe North F.L.T. – 66562
4O21 09:12 Trafford Park Euro Terminal – Southampton Western Docks – 66142

Links to the third party developers websites if you require any of the requirements:


Please let me know what you thought of this scenario and there will be more to follow.
That’s all. Enjoy!