(BL) 1K34 20:08 Hull to Manchester Piccadilly (2020)

(BL) 1K34 20:08 Hull to Manchester Piccadilly (2020)

21st October 2023 1 By LangtonPhotography

For those that enjoy a night drive i present to you this; a 65-minute run over the Pennines in a pair of class 185s on a stopping service from Hull to Manchester Piccadilly, stopping at most stations along the way. This scenario is set in December 2020.


Armstrong Powerhouse:

Class 158 EP (Cummins)
Class 319 vol.1
Class 156 multiple unit pack
Class 150/2 & Class 150/1 multiple unit packs
Class 800 EP
Class 43 HST EP (MTU)
Weather EP v2
Signal EP


Class 185
Chris Horsfield northern class 150/2 destinations
Lewis clowes Northern class 158 variants pack


Associated requirements for the 3rd party content
European assets pack

Copy the Contents folder included within the zip, and paste it into your Railworks directory. This can be found via Steam -> Steamapps -> Common -> Railworks. Upon completion, you should be able to find this scenario under the standard tab within the game.

• This scenario was made utilising the December 2020 timetable from the Network rail working timetable archives.
• Class 158s replace CAF units

Scenario made by Bradley Langton / Langtonphotography