(BL) 1E36 07:16 Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough (2010)

(BL) 1E36 07:16 Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough (2010)

24th October 2023 3 By LangtonPhotography

A 40 minute scenario for the DTG Leeds to Manchester line featuring a white but sunny run over the Pennines from Stalybridge to Leeds as the sun begins to shine, in a single class 185 calling at Stalybridge and Huddersfield along the way. Scenario is based on the first half of December 2010.


Armstrong Powerhouse:

Class 158 EP (Cummins)
Class 170 EP
Class 156 multiple unit pack
Class 150/2 & Class 150/1 multiple unit packs
Class 43 HST EP (MTU)
Class 91 EP
*Class 142 pack (now discontinued)
*Weather EP v2
*Cloud EP
*Signal EP


*Class 185
Chris Horsfield northern class 150/2 destinations
*Watsonpd class 144 MSL


*NR Class 144

Just Trains:

Class 153

BH Reskins:

Northern rail class 155
Class 333 (https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=763730333673230&set=oa.515760421890353)


*Associated requirements for the 3rd party content
European assets pack

* – Required for the scenario to perform as intended

Please see the scenario manual on installation instructions and further scenario information, and finally enjoy!

Scenario made by Bradley Langton / Langtonphotography