31s Cross Country (1995) – 1O99 08:56 Birmingham New Street – Ramsgate

31s Cross Country (1995) – 1O99 08:56 Birmingham New Street – Ramsgate

13th June 2023 7 By Harrebarrevarre

July of 1995 saw a Saturday only cross country from Birmingham to Ramsgate and back, and instead of cross country 47s, class 31 467 and 450 took care of most diagrams.

Heading south, it would stop at Willesden for a crew change, and head along the West London line toward southern metals. You will oversee this journey from outside Watford Junction to Kensington Olympia.

You will be running slightly late after the Lime Street express ahead of you has failed and will be dragged in to Euston. You will then head down under the WCML at Wembley and prepare for adverse signals for most of your journey.

35 minute scenario for the Backdated Trainsim’s North London Lines BR/NSE V4. Date: 27th of July 1995. Weather: High Cloud. Feedback is much appreciated. Hope you enjoy! 😊

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