2Y57 1315 Heysham Harbour to Leeds

2Y57 1315 Heysham Harbour to Leeds

22nd July 2023 6 By Adam Haigh

Heysham Harbour is served by one train per day to/from Leeds via Skipton and reverses at Lancaster and Morecambe. This afternoon, you’re driving the return outbound journey from Heysham Harbour to Carnforth with a pair of Class 142 units. Year: 2013.

45-minute scenario for WCML Over Shap on Steam.

Alan Thomson Sim (and their dependencies):
– Class 142 Northern Dot Matrix Destinations.

Armstrong Powerhouse (and their dependencies):
– Weather EP V2;
– Class 37 Vol 1;
– Class 66 EP;
– Class 150/2;
– Mk1 coaches Vol 1;
– HHA hoppers.

Major Wales Design (and their dependencies):
– Class 390 Revamp.

On Track Simulation (and their dependencies):
– Rail Express Systems weathered MK1 reskins.

– North Somerset Railway (for people);
– WCML Over Shap.

Update V1.1 2023-07-26:
– Changed player instructions to reflect real-life operations with Single Line Staff between Heysham Harbour and Bare Lane.