09:52 5Z37 Bishop Auckland West – Yarmouth C.H.S

09:52 5Z37 Bishop Auckland West – Yarmouth C.H.S

3rd July 2023 2 By GeorgeBeany

Date : 31st January 2023
Route : Wherry Lines
Traction : 2x LSL Class 47’s

Evening Driver. It is a crisp winter evening here in East Anglia. Eastern Rail Services have purchased some more coaches for private hire which were all based at the Weardale Railway in County Durham.

Locomotive Services Limited was tasked on taking these 12 coaches from Bishop Auckland to Great Yarmouth, they used 47810 and 47805 to take this colourful variety of stock which are to be based at Great Yarmouth until sold or scrapped in future, one exception is Anglia liveried DBSO 9711 which was purchased by LSL and will be returning to Crewe along with the 47’s later tonight.

You are tasked to take the double 47’s from Trowse Junction to Great Yarmouth via Reedham, you have a 8 minute timetabled stop at the Wensum Curve (Crown Point Line J) to let a Lowestoft service get ahead of you, as that is ahead you will be following it until Reedham, but it being more powerful than you, you should see no issues, Enjoy!


Wherry Lines (I am using V2.0 so preferably that version)
Wherry Lines Extra Stock Pack (for White GA MK3)
Class 321 (Static)
Class 156
Class 170 EP
Class 31 EP (Static)

Class 31 Pack (Static)
Welsh Marches Line
GEML Class 90
Class 170

Class 321 Renatus Livery

LSL Green Class 47’s

As this is a modern scenario, Class 755’s have been replaced by 4 car Class 170’s and Class 745’s are replaced by Class 321’s, this scenario will be updated once the Flirts are released!