05:16 1Z41 Crewe – Great Yarmouth ‘The Retro Fenland Explorer’

05:16 1Z41 Crewe – Great Yarmouth ‘The Retro Fenland Explorer’

18th June 2023 1 By GeorgeBeany

Date: 30th August 2013
Route : Wherry Lines
Traction : 2x Class 37

Retro Railtours Ltd have organized a tour called ‘The Retro Fenland Explorer’ running from Crewe to Great Yarmouth going onto the Wherry Lines. This tour has been booked to be hauled by Class 37 37423 & 37605 with Class 47 47802 leading for parts of this tour.

Unfortunately this tour did not come without its problems. Class 47 47802 failed on approach into Norwich meaning that the two 37’s would head onto the Wherry Lines alone and DRS bringing in Class 47 47501 to take over at Great Yarmouth later in the day.

You have been tasked to take the two 37’s from Norwich to Great Yarmouth via Reedham, be careful though as you will be following a Greater Anglia service to Lowestoft. Enjoy your run into the Norfolk Marshes!


Wherry Lines (I am using V2.0 so preferably that version)
Class 37 Vol 1
Class 156
Class 170 EP (Static Only)
Class 68 EP Extra Stock Pack (For Class 47 as a Static)

Riviera Trains Mk2 Pack

Cynx Workshop:
Class 37 WIPAC Lights

Backdated Train Sim:
Riviera Trains The Great Briton Reskin Pack

Class 170 (Static Only)
Class 90 GEML

ZZA Snowplough (Static Only)

(As I cannot find a Class 47 47802 reskin I have had to use one of the 47’s with the Class 68 EP Extra Stock Pack instead)