Alan Thomson Sim – Status

This page gives details about Alan Thomson Sim products and their status including any known issues.

Website & files

No issues

ATS Installer

No issues

Product Installers

No issues

Email and general contact

No issues

Report an issue – [email protected]

Recently resolved problems

– 28/01/2020 – Missing Link installer not installing scenery and scenarios. These can be downloaded and installed separately using the links on the download pages.

28 – 01 – 2020 — PHP generated emails functionality restored

23 – 01 – 2020 — Download history removed as very similar to purchase history and was causing unnecessary server load due to lack of 3rd party code optimization.

23 – 01 – 2020 — Some downloads not completing correctly – changed the way downloads are handled as third party links (such as Google drive, MediaFire etc) were not working. 3rd party links were not permitted and support for them is therefore only going to extend to very basic steps to prevent them causing other problems.