[YBZG] 1E86 – 16:13 – Edinburgh to London Kings Cross / 5Y86 – 21:12 – London Kings Cross to Ferme Park Recp [V1.0]

[YBZG] 1E86 – 16:13 – Edinburgh to London Kings Cross / 5Y86 – 21:12 – London Kings Cross to Ferme Park Recp [V1.0]

19th August 2023 13 By YaBoyZainG4m3r

Scenario Details
• Type: Standard
• Duration: 60 Minutes
• Difficulty: 3/5
• Date: 14/08/23
• Start Time: 20:19
• Weather: Overcast (Sun)
• Traction: 803003

Scenario Description
• Drive 803003 (Lumo’s new Pride unit) from Stevenage into Kings Cross to complete its service from Edinburgh, and you will then drive into Ferme Park where the unit will be stabled for the night. There are no delays or issues on the network this evening so it should be a routine run into the capital then into Ferme Park.

Extra Information
• All AI trains in this scenario have correct destinations.
• All non-static LNER, Grand Central, Hull Trains and Lumo services have the correct unit numbers that worked those services on this day.
• If the scenario crashes during the loading process, load a resource intensive scenario that does load properly, play it for a couple minutes, and then reload this scenario.

Scenario Requirements
• Alan Thomson Sim Kings Cross to Kings Lynn Route
• Alan Thomson Sim Class 387/3 Ex-C2C Great Northern Reskin
• Alan Thomson Sim Hull Trains 21st Anniversary Reskin
• Alan Thomson Sim InterCity 225 LNER/VTEC Reskin Pack
• Alan Thomson Sim Maritime & PD Ports Class 66 Reskins
• Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 Enhancement Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 377/379/387 Enhancement Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 700/707/717 Enhancement Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 800-803 Enhancement Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 91/Mk4 Enhancement Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
• Major Wales Design Class 180 Revamp Pack
• Semaphore Sim Class 700/707/717 EP Patch
• Semaphore Sim Class 803003 Lumo Pride Reskin

• Please note that all of the above items do require their own requirements in order to function properly.

Installation Instructions
• Step 1: Copy the ‘Content’ folder into your Railworks directory and overwrite any files if asked to do so.
• If you don’t know where to find your Railworks directory, you can right-click Train Simulator on Steam, click ‘Properties’, click the ‘Local Files’ tab, and click ‘Browse’. You are now inside your Railworks directory.

• V1.0 (19/08/23) – Scenario Release!

• This scenario can be edited as you wish but is not to be re-uploaded anywhere without my permission.
• You may edit the scenario as you please, but you must say that you’ve done so if you choose to record or stream your edited version.
• I am not responsible for any damage caused to your Train Simulator Classic install.

• Thank YOU for downloading my scenario. My enthusiasm and determination to release this wouldn’t have been present without all of your amazing and continued support.
• Thanks to WelshyJim for help testing the scenario.