Class 175 ‘Ghost’

Class 175 ‘Ghost’

22nd February 2021 3 By Clowes

Boo! The Ghost livery, as worn by 008 and 110 (albeit with a few differences between them IRL).
Some of these little differences between 008 and 110 are depicted, namely the differing front numbers and doorside decals. The cabshell fading and deeper bodyside colour 008 wore are not depicted, else the file size would have been increased significantly for very little gain.

How to Install
Extract the Assets folder from within the zip to your Railworks Directory, commonly found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Railworks (though yours may differ!)
Allow it to overwrite (it might not need to)

How to place down in a Scenario
Enable the following filters:

What’s included?
A full reskin with custom child objects and PreLoads for all 4 (2 and 3 Car, unbranded and branded)
PreLoads are in the following naming convention.
AP Class 175 (EP) – Ghost _ Car
AP Class 175 (EP) – Ghost (ATW) _ Car

South Wales Coastal (Unbranded – DTG\SouthWales01 and DTG\SouthWales02)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 175 EP 2.0

Known Faults
Unfortunately I was unable to either have the Geos from SW02 (needed for the livery) in SW01, or have the bins in SW01 and leave the Geos in SW02. Because of this, the unit WILL NOT work in Quick Drive. The PreLoads do work for in the scenario editor, but the game fails to understand the link between both SouthWales folders, and gives up.
Due to some horrendous mapping in places there are a few faults. The white roughly above the cab door does not line up on one side. There are warping issues regarding cant and solebar on the MSL. Other minor niggles.

This reskin was done by me (Clowes)
Thanks to BodgeItTMD for the various child objects and assistance!
Thanks to the Max for the brilliant Geomod V4, a tool that helps to make reskins that bit more accurate.