1Y11 06:30 Newcastle-London King’s Cross (DOESN’T REQUIRE MERGE)

1Y11 06:30 Newcastle-London King’s Cross (DOESN’T REQUIRE MERGE)

20th February 2021 9 By Tap Changer Productions

This pack includes three scenarios set in early 2019, meaning the ECML still is run with HST’s and 225’s. In the scenarios you drive a Mk4 DVT from Newcastle to London King’s Cross, breaking the journey at York and Peterborough. This is taken from the actual timetable, and the AI is also accuratly timetabled. The install is run with a .rwp file, however there is a manual install included if the .rwp fails. This is my first pack, so I apologize if it isn’t perfect. You are allowed to swap out the AI, and modify it to your heart’s content, but please don’t upload it elsewhere without my permission.



AP Class 91 Enhancement Pack
Intercity Class 91
AP Class 43 (MTU) Enhancement Pack
AP Class 43 (Valenta) Enhancement Pack
AP Class 43 (VP185) Enhancement Pack
If purchased TS after 2012 then European Loco & Asset Pack is required
Brighton Mainline (London-Brighton)
ECML London-Peterborough
York to Peterborough Modern
ECML North East (DPSimulation upgrade)
AP Class 365 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 150/2 Pack
AP/Waggonz Class 142 Pack


LNER/VTEC Class 91/Mk4 repaint
JamesIvell HST Improvement patch
ATS Class 700/707/717 Desiro City pack
Major Wales Design Class 142 patch
LNER/VTEC class 43/Mk3 repaint
DPSimulation Class 142 ‘Northern Rail Unbranded’


v1.1 22/02/21
Changed .rwp file from blank version