5G98- 0715- Shields TMD- Haymarket Depot

5G98- 0715- Shields TMD- Haymarket Depot

20th February 2021 2 By CWilson4747

With the Aberdeen Line being shut north of Montrose due to a damaged bridge, Scotrail’s HSTs were not required out of Edinburgh very often, only operating services to and from Inverness during this time with services to Dundee being covered by the stopping Arbroath Class 170 services. This allowed extra time for
maintenance such as the task you have been given today. You will be returning a single first class mark 3
coach and two HST powercars from Shields TMD where it had been attending the wheel lathe, to Haymarket
Depot. You will pick up the service at Glasgow Queen Street where the service turned around for a crew change,
before running along the E-G non stop via Falkirk High arriving into Haymarket and changing ends before
shunting the train into the depot. With this service not being a full HST set you will be limited to 75mph
throughout and with the weather being classic Scottish winter with heavy rain pouring down it could lead
to some challenges during the journey!

The service is accurate to the day it ran (19/02/2021) with all services running to the correct time and with accurate unit numbers, thanks to Realtime Trains’ ‘Know Your Train’ feature.

Also look out for a little Easter egg I’ve placed in Haymarket Depot at the end of the scenario!

The Journey itself: https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/02935/2021-02-19/detailed

Date of the Scenario: 19/02/2021

Scenario Length: 60 Minutes

Edinburgh- Glasgow Electrified (Steam Workshop)

Rolling Stock:
Class 43 MTU EP (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Scotrail Inter7City Reskin (Major Wales Design)
Class 170 EP (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Abellio Scotrail Class 170 Reskin Pack (Vulcan Productions)
Class 158 Cummins EP (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 158 & 170 Scotrail Destination Pack (Alan Thomson Sim) (Required for a non-passenger varients)
Abellio Scotrail Class 380 Pack (Vulcan Productions)
Class 320/321 Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
JustTrains Class 220/221 Voyager (JustTrains)
Class 390 DTG (Discontinued)
BH Class 390 Reskin Pack (Alan Thomson Sim)
Class 156 Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)*

Additional Requirements:
Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Enhancement (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Armstrong Powerhouse Track Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 380 Scotrail Destinations (Alan Thomson Sim)
Class 320/321/322 Scotrail Destinations (Alan Thomson Sim)
Class 320 LED Headlight Patch (Major Wales Design)

* denotes stationery stock, it is not required to run the scenario however it will enhance the experience if you
have it.

Hope you enjoy the scenario!