(FGN) 1A39 17:50 Penzance to London Paddington (HST)

(FGN) 1A39 17:50 Penzance to London Paddington (HST)

20th February 2021 1 By Fred GN

You are tasked with driving a Great Western HST on the entire length Western Mainlines route from Penzance to London Paddington as the 1A39 17:50 departure. The power cars for this service are 43002 and 43185 with the GWR Green Mk3 set. Please refer to the briefing for the instructions. I hope you enjoy! It has taken me several days to work through this scenario which features over 50 AI trains, I have included as much services as possible to the real timetable however TFL services from London to Reading are worked by GWR Class 166s and there is no Heathrow Express services (I will plan to add these in as an update once a reskin becomes available)

Here are the scenario requirements listed, to ensure the smooth operation of the scenario it is recommended you have all of these!

Just Trains:
– Western Mainline and all extensions
– Voyager Advanced 2019
– Common Library

Armstrong Powerhouse:
– AP Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack (
– AP Class 43 Valenta Enhancement Pack
– AP Class 150/2 DMU Pack
– AP Class 360-444-450 Sound Pack (Now discontinued)
– AP Class 57 Pro Sound Pack
– AP Class 158 Cummins & Perkins Enhancement Pack
– AP Mk3 Sound Pack
– AP Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack
– AP Wherry Lines

– WCML North
– WCML Over Shap
– European Loco & Asset Pack (required if purchased after 2012)
– GEML London to Ipswich
– DTG Class 801 Pack
– DTG Class 159
– Class 57/0 Freightliner
– Portsmouth Direct: London to Portsmouth Harbour

– Class 800 Great Western Railway
– Class 166 FGW Plain Blue
– Class 166 Great Western Railway

Major Wales Design:
– Class 43 Revamp Pack
– Class 360 Heathrow Connect

Vulcan Productions:
– Western Region Class 57/6 Pack

Alan Thomson Sim:
– Night Riviera Mk3 Coach Pack
– Mk3 Sliding Door Pack