4M56– 14:56 Thames Gateway – Garston (Summer 2019)

4M56– 14:56 Thames Gateway – Garston (Summer 2019)

22nd February 2021 2 By FunkyDcz

Good morning driver. Today, you are at the controls of an intermodal service to Garston, near Liverpool. Starting the scenario on Stafford Trent Valley junction, await your signal. Its been a relatively okay day so far on the WCML. You have an extremely heavy train so please do take care and plan ahead.
All traffic is prototypical and taken from WTTs However, things don’t always work how they should – especially on the railway! You will work this service to Preston. Please follow all instructions in the scenario.
Your journey time today is expected to be somewhere around 60 Mins, excluding any possible delays you may encounter. Good luck and enjoy the journey.



WCML Midlands & North West Phase 3 AlanThomsonSimulation


Class 66 Pack 02 Steam
Class 66 Pack 03 Steam
Class 159 Pack01 Steam
Class 390Pack01 Steam (Can be swapped for other versions)
Class 150/1 Steam
Class 325Pack01 Steam
Class 68Pack01 Steam
Class 86 Pack01
Class 156 Pack01 Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 319 Vol 1 Armstrong Powerhouse
FTA/FSA Wagon Pack Armstrong Powerhouse
JXA Wagon Pack Armstrong Powerhouse
JNA Wagon Pack Armstrong Powerhouse
Binliner KFA Pack On Track Simulations
Voyager Pack Just Trains

Class 66 EP ArmstrongPowerhouse
Class 350/450 EP Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 86 EP
Class 390 SP Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 158 Perkins EP Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 68 EP Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 390 BH Reskins Pack AlanThomson Simulation
Class 158 TFW Reskin AlanThomsonSimulations

Weather Enhancement Pack Armstrong Powerhouse


* As with all scenarios utilising AP products, it is ESSENTIAL that you have all extra stock packs installed. This will ensure the correct functionality and working of the scenario!

Thank you to Matt Carroll for the information on allocations and timings etc. Top Bloke!