The Scarborough Flyer

The Scarborough Flyer

27th September 2023 0 By stephen bell

In this scenario you will be driving 6201 Princess Elizabeth from Stalybridge to Mirfield Junction, with a stop
at Huddersfield.

You will need the following:

Huddersfield Line
Class 170
Class 142

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 170 Enhancement Pack
MK1 Coach Pack Vol 1
MK2 A-C Coach Pack

Caledonian Works
LMS Princess Royal Class

Slow Line Simulations
West Shed Pack

Backdated Train Sim
SRPS Coach Reskin Pack

Alan Thomson Sim
Class 185
WCRC Named Mk1 FO Coaches by Johnno124
Serco & Abellio Northern Rail Pacer for DTG’s New Pacer by EWhiteside