[RC] 1V50 0606 Edinburgh to Plymouth

[RC] 1V50 0606 Edinburgh to Plymouth

29th March 2023 3 By Rich Curtis

Drive the sole-remaining daily Anglo-Scottish southbound HST, the 1V50 service, from Edinburgh to Newcastle, calling at Berwick-upon-Tweed and Alnmouth on route. This scenario is set on the 24 March 2023, with WTT timings for player and AI.


Class 156
Class 158
Class 170
Class 380* Substitute for the Class 385
Class 56
Class 66
Class 800
Class 92
Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 156 EP
Class 158 EP (Perkins and Cummins)
Class 43 (MTU) EP
Class 56 EP
Class 66 EP
Class 800 EP
JNA Wagons
JPA Wagons
FSA Wagon Pack
Weather & Sky Enhancement Pack V2
Class 221 Super Voyager
Newcastle to Edinburgh route

Installation: Copy and paste the ‘Contents’ folder into your RailWorks directory.