[mjt] 6E30 18:56 Margam T.C. – Hartlepool Bsc 20” Mill

[mjt] 6E30 18:56 Margam T.C. – Hartlepool Bsc 20” Mill

14th May 2024 5 By mattyjt02

This evening you form the the first leg of steel coil train 6E30 out of Margam Knuckle Yard bound for Hartlepool Tata Steel, hauled by 66148 ‘Maritime Intermodal Seven’. For your shift, you will go as far as Llanwern Exchange Sidings near Newport where a colleague will be there to take over for the next part of the journey later on. Although this is a lower-priority service, there is not much traffic at this time of day so it should be a nice and straightforward run, although the heavy payload combined with steep uphill gradients won’t make it easy.

Setting: April 2024

Duration: 85 mins

Route: ATS South Wales Mainline Modern

Track Covered: Margam T.C. – Llanwern Exchange Sidings

Traction: 66148

How to Install:

Download and extract the provided zip file. Find the provided ‘Content’ folder and drag/copy this folder into your Railworks directory. The scenario should now be installed! Enjoy! 



ROUTEATS South Wales Mainline Modern (+ all other requirements)


AP BAA/BZA Wagon Pack

AP Class 150/2 DMU Pack

AP Class 158 (Perkins) EP

AP Class 170 EP

AP Class 319 EMU Pack Vol. 1*

AP Class 66 EP

AP Class 67 EP

AP Class 800 EP

AP Class 91/Mk4 EP

AP JSA Wagon Pack

AP JXA/POA Wagon Pack

AP Signal EP*

AP Sky & Weather EP 2.0* (highly recommended for intended weather)

European Loco & Asset Pack

Settle to Carlisle*



Class 66 LED Headlights

Maritime & PD Ports Class 66s


TfW Class 150/2

TfW Class 158

TfW Class 769*

TfW Class 67/Mk4 Pack


Class 166 – Great Western Railway

(Train Sim Community)

HYA-B Wagon Pack*

Things to know:

Due to the absence of the Class 197 in TSC, these units are instead represented by the Class 158 in the TfW reskin. I have relabelled these units accordingly.

There doesn’t seem to be an exact visual replacement for the tarp-hooded steel coil wagons seen on the South Wales Mainline, so I’ve resorted to using the AP JSAs instead.