ECML Electrification (1988) – 1E28 09:16 Bristol TM – Newcastle

ECML Electrification (1988) – 1E28 09:16 Bristol TM – Newcastle

20th June 2023 5 By Harrebarrevarre

Take this Sunday cross country service from Bristol Temple Meads to Newcastle between York and Norton South Junction outside Eaglescliffe on a diversion in the summer of 1988 while the last preparations are being made for the ECMLs electrification.

York station is closed in preparation for electrification and remodelling of the station layout. Further north, all traffic is diverted via Eaglescliffe, Stockton and Stillington due to OHLE work between Northallerton and Darlington. You will stop at Eaglescliffe for a rail connection to Darlington.

50 minute scenario for the DPS North East England V3 route. Date: 18th of september 1988. Weather: Fair cloud/Showers. Feedback is much appreciated. Hope you enjoy! 😊

(* means it has its own requirements)
• Weather EP V2 (To enable the weather pattern used in the scenario, you need to copy the files “autumn” “spring” “summer” “winter” from the AP SWEP folder to the TimeOfDay folder in NEEngland under DPSimulations in the railworks assets folder.)
• Class 37 Vol 1&2
• Class 142
• Class 91 EP*
• Class 101/117/121 Sound Pack*
• Class 31 EP*
• Class 56 EP*
• Valenta HST EP*
• TTA Wagon Pack vol 1
• BAA/BZA Wagon Pack
• Mk1 Coach Pack
• Mk2a-c Coach Pack
• Mk2d-f Coach Pack
• Mk3a-b Coach Pack
• WCML Over Shap
• Huddersfield Line
• BR Diesel Electric Pack
• BodgeItTMDs Class 43 ECML ‘DVTs’*
Vulcan Productions
• Motorail GUVs*
• BR Mark 3 SLEP Pack*
On Track Simulations
• DTG GUV BR Blue Reskin
Major Wales
• Class 08 Revamp Pack*