Desiro City Pack – Class 700/707/717

Desiro City Pack – Class 700/707/717

11th May 2019 75 By Albie Pearce

In collaboration with the infamous Superalbs, ATS brings the Class 700 to you.

This pack depicts a representation of the Class 700, 707 and 717 for their respective operators (Govia Thameslink Railway [Thameslink], South West Trains/South Western Railway & Govia Thameslink Railway [Great Northern]).

Work has been undertaken to include more than just the original 700. A tail light variant of the DMOC/DMSO is provided so AI does not pass you with headlights on the rear. Furthermore, an impromptu Class 707 and 717 are provided for scenarios.

We are aware that this is not entirely accurate, but it is a decent representation.
Due to the mapping, the 717 does not have much detailing on the front, and the 707 has some additional yellow sections. We know there’s no external cab nor pantograph.
Coupled units merge into each other slightly, though this should only be noticeable with Class 707s in multiple.
This will drive by using the BML 450 cab, but we cannot offer assistance for those who can’t get it to work for anything other than AI.

In the editor:
We are aware this has a tendency to not display properly in the editor. It should however take into effect when you press the play button, or clear the cache and try again.
You must enable RSC\BrightonMainline and the respective Class in Superalbs (gn717, swt707 & swt707DMSO, or tl700)

Brighton Mainline

Recommended but not required:
AP Class 444/450 Sound Pack (discontinued)