[CB] WCMLV5.2 Scenario Pack

[CB] WCMLV5.2 Scenario Pack

12th May 2019 37 By CrankyBot

**Patchnote 30/08** – If you installed before 17:34, reinstall for the Scenario 20 and 36 patch – when installing it will ask you to overwrite the pack, just click Yes – nothing will change. **

The West Coast Mainline Version 5.2 Scenario pack is here!

As entails this features a staggering 46 scenarios to keep you busy for 35 hours if you feel like playing them all!
This pack covers the entire route in its scenarios featuring most-if-not-all routes given by real-life TOCs using real-life timetables (a minor few may have been altered for the purpose of a said-scenario). The TOCs featured in this for you to drive are:
– 6 London Underground Scenarios
– 2 London Overground Scenarios
– 25 London Northwestern Railway Scenarios
– 2 Southern Scenarios
– 7 Virgin Trains Scenarios
– 2 CrossCountry Scenarios
– 2 Arriva Trains Wales Scenarios.
Most will be a standard passenger run but some feature some ECS Movements, TSRs and Depot movement enough for everyone to have a slice of the pack!

Now for the hefty amount of requirements (the Scenario Pack file has a detailed list for each scenario requirement too so you know which ones to pick should you not have a DLC for a scenario or where to find certain reskins!)

Alex55’s WCMLV5.2 [AlanThomsonSim]
RSDL’s Isle of Wight [STEAM]
VirtualDistrictTeam’s District Line [lur.boards.net]
RSC’s London Brighton [STEAM] – For some weather settings and the Class 377 + Superalbs Class 172 London Midlands Reskin [Superalbs]
DTG’s South Wales Coastal [Either should work] [STEAM] + RS Rail’s GBRf_FEA reskin [ATS]
AP’s Wherry Lines Route (Class 37) [STEAM]
RSC’s Settle Carlisle Route (Class 37) [STEAM] + VPs Class 37800/884 ROG Reskin Pack [VP]
JT’s Newcastle – Edinburgh Route (Class 47) [JustTrains]
DTG’s Class 59/2 [STEAM]
Thomson’s West Coast Mainline Trent Valley (Class 66 DRS) Route [STEAM]
RSC’s Class 66 EWS V2.0 [STEAM]
RSC’s Class 66 Freightliner (Pack02) [STEAM] + etienne123’s Class 66 GBRf Reskin [TreinPunt]
RSC’s Class 66 Powerhaul Freightliner [STEAM]
DTG’s Class 68 Scotrail [STEAM] + BHReskins Class 68 DRS Reskin [Facebook/BHReskins]
RSC’s Class 70 Freightliner [STEAM]
DTG’s BR Blue Diesel Electric Pack [STEAM] + Caledonian 73 Serco Reskin [Caledonian]
keithmross’ WCML Over Shap Route (Class 86) [STEAM] + Caledonian Sleeper Mk3 Reskin [Caledonian]
RSC’s Class 92 [STEAM]
DTG’s Class 150/1 [STEAM] + Rfletcher72’s Class 150 London Midland Reskin [DPSimulation]
DTG’s North Wales Coastal (Class 158/175) [STEAM]
Thomson’s Class 170 Pack [STEAM]
DTG’s Goblin Line (Class 172) [STEAM]
JT’s Class 220/221 Voyager [JustTrains]
AP’s Class 321 Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
RSC’s Class 325 [STEAM]
DTG’s Portsmouth Direct Line [STEAM] + AP’s Class 350 Enhancement Pack [AP]
DTG’s Class 378 [STEAM]
S9BL’s Class 390 [STEAM] + Horgy’s Class 390 Virgin Reskin [DPSimulation]