West Coast Mainline South (v5.2)

West Coast Mainline South (v5.2)

14th February 2019 222 By Alex55

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Main Updates
– One step installation.
– Reduced download size.
– Applied new textures to depict LNR & NWR corporate livery.
– Replaced signals at Euston inbound final gantry which now correctly display only red/yellow aspects.
– Adjusted position of car stop signs to a more appropriate location.
– Two versions: Standard & Enhanced (for Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement Pack users)
– Plus other refinements.

Recommended minimum requirements: Train Simulator 64 bit, 8GB RAM.
(Will run small scenarios in 32-bit/4Gb RAM)

The route covers London Euston to Birmingham New Street and includes the Northampton Loop.
Additionally, the DC lines from Euston to Watford Junction and the Bakerloo Line underground section from Queens Park to Elephant and Castle.

More information in the enclosed PDF.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: (The route should be fully functional with these)
Steam: London to Brighton
Steam: Woodhead Line (original)
Steam: West Coast Main Line Trent Valley
* Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement Pack: (* for Track Enhancement Pack users only )

Steam: ECMLS
Steam: Hamburg Hanover
Steam: Liverpool to Manchester
Steam: Riviera Line
Steam: WCML2 (over Shap)
Steam: WCML North
Steam: Glasgow Airport Rail Link
Steam: Edinburgh to Glasgow
Steam: Isle of Wight
JustTrains: Newcastle to Edinburgh

The Virtual District Line (73stock and Bakerloo Line scenery)
UKTS Freeware Pack Blocks and Lofts
UKTS Freeware Pack Clutter
UKTS Freeware Pack Railway Buildings
UKTSFile ID: 26602 & 26550 Enviro Bus packs
UKTSFile ID: 30717 DAF LF pack
UKTSFile ID: 30832 Transmission Lines
UKTSFile ID: 30726 Telegraph pole Lofts V1.1

Download links can be found in the enclosed PDF

The route is Quick Drive enabled with a broad selection of starting locations including the DC lines.
AI for the Quick Drives can be switched “on” or “off” which may help for PC’s with a lower spec.
There is also s selection of scenarios written by Colin Izatt, plus two test scenarios. Requirement for these can be found in the enclosed PDF.

The route installs automatically using installation software.
Your anti virus software may “red flag” the installation.exe as being “unsafe”.
Be assured the the program does not contain any harmful files, viruses or anything that will damage your computer.
Installation of this version has been made easier using this install program.
The installer should automatically find your Railworks directory, but if needed, the route can be installed into a different directory.
You should not be prompted to overwrite/replace any files during installation. However, if you are, it is safe to do so.
To install, simply double click the WCML_South_v5.2….exe and follow instructions.

* Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement Pack.
If you have this pack installed, you should download the WCML_South_v5.2_APTEP optimised version of the route.
This will:
. Provide a seamless visual transition between the route track and the AP track EP.
. Allow for texture “blending”.
. Raise the track by 6cm to reduce “ground texture bleed” and the appearance of “floating” AWS ramps and TPS grids .etc.
. The route will continue to use the default 3rd rail provided in the BML route. This is due to Armstrong Powerhouse not providing a “tunnel” version of a 3rd rail at the time of this release.
. The 3rd rail will also be at a more realistic height.
This version is highly recommended if you have the Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement Pack installed .
(No default Armstrong Powerhouse files will be overwritten during this process)

Many thanks to all who have contributed, helped and given advice during the making of this version of the route.
David Scott. For the original version of the route.
Colin Izatt. For his scenarios and extensive help with Beta testing.
Jack Sherriff. For info and photos of the new corporate LNR & WMR liveries.
Steve Green. For advice on signals and signage.
Gary Padley. For permission to include his assets.
Joseph Pearson. For giving me permission to “morph” one of his track assets for use on the Bakerloo underground section.
Members of the The Virtual District Line team. For inspiration and permission to use their assets.
And not forgetting the Beta testers.

Please Note.
Following the exclusion of required components from the latest version of the ECMLC Moorgate Tube Extension, changes have been needed in the production of this version of the route.
Full testing of the route has not been possible due to time constraints. This may have a minor impact on “quality control”.
Effectively, a small number of scenery items may be missing or in the wrong position.
If you spot anything out of place, I would be grateful if you could let me know.
Getting this version available to ALL members of ATS as soon as possible was the priority.
Any observed “imperfections” can be put right at a later date.

Two versions available, you only need to download one version.

1. WCML_South_v5.22.
– Download this version if you DO NOT have the AP Track Pack
2. WCML_South_v5.2_APTEP
– Optimised for Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement Pack. Download this version if you HAVE the AP Track Pack